To immerse yourself in the elegant beauty of Genuine domestic Leather as well as Italian Leather is more than a simple pleasure.

It's luxury.... and a way of life. Because the lasting quality and endless comfort are unsurpassed. Experienced hands at the Samtee's workshop create luxury handbags and other leather accessories. No products for mass markets, but pieces of art that combine outstanding design, first class raw materials and the workmanship founded the reputation of Made in India. Our exotic collection of leather goods reflects a contemporary trend in fashion worldwide. Each one subtly handrafted by skilled artisans, custom-made to impress the most fastidious buyer. We have selected the best people in the field, with years of experience to join our team of professionals.

It is with this mindset that we have forged our company, and produced quality products combined with a high detail for service at competitive prices. With our commitment to excellence, and our dedication to delivering that excellence to our customers, we are certain that we as well as our customers, will have a prosperous future. Quality has been the emphasis in our every endeavour. 
This catchword more than anything else has made us what we are today : Truly International.